A team made up of Professors Marcello Messori, Pier Paolo Benigno, Paolo Canofari and Giovanni Di Bartolomeo carried out the “Monetary Dialogues” project for the European Parliament.

Aims and expected results

The project led to the publication on the institutional websites of the European Parliament and the SEP of the following articles:

  •  Theory, Evidence, and Risks of the ECB’s Asset Purchase Program, 2 October 2020;
  •  Uncertainty and the Pandemic Shocks, 11 November 2020;
  •  The ECB’s Measures in Support of the COVID-19 Crisis, 4 March 2021;
  •  Financial Dominance in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic European Economy, 4 October 2021;
  •  The Implementation and Rationale of the ECB’s New Inflation Target, 8 November 2021.