The pharmaceutical industry occupies a key position in the economy of advanced countries, ranking first for R&D expenditure per employee and presenting a high added value per employee. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the centrality of the sector for collective well-being. The pharmaceutical sector also plays a leading role in the Lazio Region where it represents the first manufacturing sector for added value, for salaries distributed throughout the territory as well as for exports. Furthermore, Lazio is the second Italian region for the number of R&D employees and the phenomenon of open innovation is increasingly frequent within the pharmaceutical sector, i.e. the collaboration between different subjects: companies, universities, suppliers, customers, start-ups. All this highlights the importance of the pharmaceutical industry for the entire ecosystem of production, research and innovation and for the competitiveness of the entire Lazio ecosystem.


The objective is to bring out the central role of the pharmaceutical sector in the ecosystem of Lazio both in quantitative and qualitative terms. From a quantitative perspective, the importance of the pharmaceutical sector within the Region and the various Provinces should be reconstructed in terms of production, employment, exports and expenditure on research and development. Particular attention will be paid to the study not only of the pharmaceutical sector but also of the related activities that the presence of this sector influences within the Lazio ecosystem.

Aims and expected results

The research also analyzes the sector’s strategic value deriving from the specific characteristics of the goods produced that generate positive externalities, contributing to increasing social well-being. In this context, the objectives of the quantitative part of the research will be the following:

  • Analyze the impact of the pharmaceutical sector on Lazio’s economy in terms of production, employment, added value, exports and research and development;
  • Estimate the value of the related industries in terms of employment and added value;
  • Present an evolution of the sector’s presence in Lazio over the last five/ten years;
  • Map Lazio’s ecosystem with the aim of identifying and highlighting the attractiveness factors;
  • Identify future trends in terms of the presence of Lazio’s pharmaceutical companies in global and regional value chains and in terms of technological innovation trajectories.

Alongside the quantitative analysis, qualitative information will be collected and processed, mainly aimed at studying the following areas:

  •  Historical excursus illustrating the historical development of Lazio’s presence in the company in question;
  •  Photograph of the current situation highlighting the type of operations managed by the units present in Lazio;
  •  Future projection that allows to make hypotheses on what will be the most probable evolution of each unit in the region.


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