Policy Briefs

V. Termini – Europe on the move: First steps towards a multilateral global scenario

Europe is on the move on three fronts which, in combination, are leading towards a truly extraordinary scenario. At the economic and geopolitical level, the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, the major commercial agreement sealed with China on 30 December 2020, is among the first steps of a multilateral strategy.

Together with this strategy, there are two EU economic strategies. The Green Deal takes us beyond the traditional alternative between growth and environment, displaying the innovative concreteness of a growth model guided by respect for environmental and social standards. Finally, at the political level, the Next Generation EU funds pave the way for new directions in EU governance. Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni will have to find funds for the European budget itself, creating the basis for a common budget and taxation system. These three European dynamics constitute the groundwork upon which extraordinary potentialities can develop for the reconstruction and innovation of the post-Covid order.

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