Monthly Briefs

Monthly Brief on the Italian Political Economy – April 2024


09/04 The Ministry for Enterprises and Made in Italy organises the first technical meeting between Italy’s TIM and Elon Musk's Starlink to facilitate the coexistence in Italy of Starlink’s high-speed internet service with TIM’s existing activity, and overcome issues related to potential interferences in the signals 

09/04 The Council of Ministers approves the “Documento di Economia e Finanza (DEF)”, which forecasts an increase in the budget deficit by 1.9 percent due to a costly, Covid-era fiscal bonus for refitting buildings (“superbonus”) (see Deep Dive 1)

11/04 Tensions mount between car manufacturer Stellantis and the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy in relation to the company's reluctance to increase production in Italy (see Deep Dive 2)

11/04 The European Union approves the Linea Pilota project in the Etna Valley (Catania), a research centre for advanced microchips to be launched in the framework of the EU Chips Act, another step in Italy’s semiconductor strategy after the recent announcement of Silicon Box’s investment (see Deep Dive 1 in our March brief) 

23/04 The Italian Parliament approves the latest NRRP bill, introducing some governance changes and the new Transition 5.0 plan to boost digitalisation and innovation in Italian industry 

23/04 The Council of Ministers introduces a draft law on Artificial Intelligence that contains further details on Italy’s approach to AI and the provisions to implement the EU’s AI Act (see Deep Dive 2 in the March brief). The text must now undergo Parliamentary examination

30/04 The Council of Ministers approves a decree to align the use of EU cohesion funds to the changes in the NRRP and another one to offer fiscal benefits for low-salary employees with at least one child  

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