Policy Briefs

M. Messori – Italy’s national Recovery and Resilience Plan: Efficient use of resources and social well-being

The extraordinary funds made available by Next Generation-EU (NGEU), and - in particular - by its most important program (the Recovery and Resilience Facility: RRF), open up great opportunities for the European economy and society. To access the RRF funds, each member state of the European Union (EU) had to launch a national Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) which specifies the projects (i.e. the combination of reforms, public investments and support to private investments) to be financed with those funds and to be implemented by 2026 according to predefined and binding deadlines and procedures. If the implementation of these national Plans is successful, solid foundations will be laid for those ambitious ecological and digital transitions of the EU, which were at the heart of the settlement program of the European Commission, chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, and which have become the central objective of the NGEU and the RRF.

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