Luiss Hub for New Industrial Policy and Economic Governance – Expression of interest

The newly established Luiss Hub for New Industrial Policy and Economic Governance (LUHNIP), a research and policy advocacy Hub located within the “Luiss Institute for European Analysis and Policy” (LEAP), invites interested candidates to send their CV and expression of interest for the following position:

Applied Economist with a specialisation on the green and digital transition

Necessary requirements:

§ Candidates should have research experience in areas of applied economics. Previous experience in studying the impact of the green and digital transition on productivity, employment, growth and inequality is a preferential requisite;

§ Candidates shall have the capacity to work independently and proficiently with programming languages such as R, Stata, or Python and will have knowledge of statistics and econometrics;

§ Candidates shall be able to work independently on tasks related to data collection, data analysis through econometric techniques and data visualization.

Preferred requirements

§ Ideally, candidates shall have full professional proficiency in both English and Italian and shall be able to produce written outputs and communicate in both languages.

Role and Responsibilities

Ideal candidates will show a passionate drive to engage not only in academic and policy debates on EU economic governance, industrial policy and the resilience of the Italian economy, but also to engage in the dissemination of research to the wider public and in policy advocacy vis-à-vis national and international institutions and public engagement activities.

We seek candidates with a strong commitment to research, policy advocacy and public engagement activities and the aspiration to contribute to the new activities and research agenda of LUHNIP, which will revolve around two major pillars, namely:

(1) the study of new forms of EU industrial policy;

(2) the study of the Italian political economy, covering topics related to national economic policymaking, growth and development, industrial policy.

Position holders are expected to undertake rigorous research in their field of interest and within their specific responsibilities as part of LUHNIP’s research team directed by Dr. Donato Di Carlo. Position holders will also be invited to contribute to the collegial and intellectual life of the University and of the Luiss community at large.

The research conducted in the context of LUHNIP’s activities is primarily destined to policy-relevant material (i.e., technical reports, policy briefs, etc.). However, academic publishing related to LUHNIP’s research interests is not only possible, but also encouraged.

The initial appointment is on a fixed-term basis, but with the possibility of an extension depending on LUHNIP’s ongoing funding campaign.

Appointments can be both part-time and full-time, to be discussed during the interviews, and the salary is competitive. There is no mandatory requirement to work in person in Rome. Remote work from abroad is possible, conditional on the requirement to be present in Luiss during important events and meetings related to LUHNIP’s activities.

Position holders will be asked to join LUHNIP as soon as possible, to be agreed upon and negotiated with LUHNIP’s director based on individual needs.

About LUHNIP and Luiss University

LUHNIP is a non-partisan, interdisciplinary hub conducting research, policy advocacy and public engagement activities on issues pertaining to industrial policy and economic governance in Europe and Italy. It was founded with a start-up grant from the Berlin-based think tank Dezernat Zukunft (DZ) in spring 2023. LUHNIP is part of the European Macro Policy Network (EMPN), a pan-European network connecting teams of researchers, think tanks and educational organisations that develop Europe’s fiscal, monetary and economic architecture.

LUHNIP combines academic and policy research with an eye to producing articles and proposals for political decision-makers, academics, the media and, more generally, the broader public. Its aim is to contribute to policy and public debates by providing technical and specialised knowledge on new forms of industrial policy and activist economic governance, with a focus on Italy, the European Union and the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). LUHNIP’s ongoing activities are currently centred on the elaboration of two technical reports, focusing on the analysis of newly emerging supranational forms of industrial policy in the European Single Market and the study of old and new forms of industrial policies in Italy.

LUHNIP operates within the newly established Luiss Institute for European Analysis and Policy (LEAP). LEAP carries out policy-oriented research activities in the following areas:

· policies relating to European economic governance and its institutional development, monetary policy, public finance, structure and regulation of the financial system (European economic governance);

· European industrial policies for sustainable development, green and digital transition (European industrial policy)

The think tank produces working papers and policy briefs and promotes public engagement initiatives and other forms of research dissemination in the aforementioned fields.

Luiss specializes in the Social Sciences and educates over 10,000 students in a diverse and international learning environment. The university has adopted the enquiry-based educational approach and aims at consolidating its stance in social sciences and enlarging the scope of its interests to include humanities, artificial intelligence, and security. Through its privileged relationship with Confindustria, Italy’s largest industrial association, Luiss has developed connections with the business community, government institutions, and civil society. With over 300 international partnerships, Luiss offers 60 double and triple degree programs and is an active member of important academic networks (e.g., QTEM and the European University ENGAGE.EU). Luiss is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All expressions

of interest will receive consideration without discrimination on any ground. Fiscal incentives are offered by the Italian law to individuals relocating from abroad.

Expression of Interest

To express your interest for the positions above, please produce a single PDF file containing the following documents:

· CV

· Brief Cover letter (indicating interest in joining LUHNIP and past pertinent activities)

· If available, copy of (maximum three) publications or working papers on topics linked to LUHNIP’s research interests, merged as a single PDF file


For further information, please contact directly LUHNIP’s director Dr. Donato Di Carlo at or LEAP’s director Prof. Valentina Meliciani at

The selection procedure is on a rolling basis and interviews of suitable candidates will be held until the positions will be filled.