A New Digital Industrial Policy and Data Governance for the Public Interest

Friday, October 27, 2023 16:00 - 18:30

The Dome, Campus Viale Romania (TBC)

Institutional introduction

Andrea Prencipe, Rector Luiss

Valentina Meliciani, Director LEAP


Luca de Biase

Directions for a New Digital Industrial Policy and Data Governance

Roberto Viola, Director General, DG CONNECT (TBC)

Maria Savona, European Industrial Policy Area, LEAP

Hamburg as a benchmark for Europe: Hands on Data Sharing for the Public Interest

Jan Pöerksen, Head of the Senate Chancellery and the Personnel Office, State of Hamburg

Francesca Bria, President National Innovation Fund

Q&A and Debate with attendees

Wrapping up: Next steps LEAP


Participants (TBC)

All LEAP Fellows

All LEAP Scientific Committee

All Steering committee


Other stakeholders (TBC)

Italian Ministry for Innovation and Digital Transition (TBC)