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C. Bastasin: Ukraine’s accession to the EU requires a change in Europe itself

The European Commission is considering launching Ukraine's accession process to the European Union by the end of 2023. This initiative will open a wave of enlargement to other candidate Eastern European countries. The process has huge political, financial, and institutional implications that no one can predict today, and that tomorrow could put pressure on the Union's integrity itself.

Opening the EU’s doors to the Eastern countries is probably inevitable. It may prevent Ukraine from pushing for a swift entry into NATO, a move that would cross Vladimir Putin’s red line and make any attempt to end the war more difficult. Ukraine should not be unmoored from any Western affiliation, for that could plunge it into sheer chaos and, in the longer term, even turn it into a rogue State. Finally, rebuilding Ukraine is also an act of moral responsibility after the destruction it has suffered at Europe’s borders.

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