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Policy Briefs

C. Bastasin, L. Bini Smaghi, S. De Nardis, C. De Vincenti, V. Meliciani, M. Messori, S. Micossi, P. C. Padoan, G. Toniolo: Three conditions for the Italian reforms’ success

The Italian government’s programs for changing the inertia of the country’s economy are well founded. After thir...

June, 14 2021

C. Bastasin: A rearview mirror mentality wrapped in a small-country syndrome

A year ago, the European Union reached its Hamiltonian moment. The sense of human solidarity in the face of death and th...

May, 31 2021

F. Passacantando: Could a digital currency strengthen the euro?

The introduction of a digital euro could transform not only the way European citizens will make pay- ments in the future...

May, 5 2021

V. Termini – The risk of inflation cannot be our priority: The effect’s of Biden’s economic policy

Today we are going through a deep economic crisis, different from the ones that we were accustomed to. It was brought on...

April, 22 2021

G. L. Tosato – Common debt: NextGeneration is not the first case

The feared judges in Karlsruhe will soon have to rule on the constitutionality in Germany of the planned issue of Eurobo...

April, 11 2021

C. Bastasin – The Draghi Government: The Europe factor in investor choices

The start of the Draghi government is surrounded by a high level of uncertainty. The climate in which the economic polic...

March, 29 2021

E. Avgouleas, S. Micossi – On selling sovereigns held by the ECB to the ESM: Institutional and economic policy implications

This paper follows up on a CEPS Policy Insight of October 2020, in which Stefano Micossi argued that the increase in sov...

March, 22 2021

P. Nicolaides: Unprecedented State Intervention

EU Member States have granted very large amounts of state aid to counteract the impact of the covid- 19 pandemic and the...

March, 3 2021

R. Perissich: Why the EU needs a common foreign policy (and what it would take to have one)

As a result of an ill-advised military intervention by some European countries, Libya has been in a state of bloody civi...

February, 28 2021

Working Papers

P. C. Padoan – Growth in Europe: Notes for a policy agenda

This paper discusses topics related to the growth mechanism in Europe, and specifically in the eurozone. It looks at the...

December, 1 2019

M. Messori: The flexibility game is not worth the new ESM

The reform of the Treaty Establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) broadens the functions of this mechanism so...

October, 25 2019

P. Canofari, G. Di Bartolomeo, M. Messori: Sovereign debt crisis, fiscal consolidation, and active central bankers in a monetary union

In this paper we examine global financial instability and its impact on the sovereign debts of peripheral countries in a...

October, 2 2019

M. Messori: The inevitable evolution of European financial markets

In the decades preceding the 2007-2009 international financial crisis and the related ‘doom loop’ between the Europe...

September, 20 2019

C. Battiati, C. Jona-Lasinio, S. Sopranzetti: Productivity growth and global value chain participation in the digital age

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the current productivity trends and their potential drivers in the Euro ...

September, 2 2019

C. Bastasin, M. Mischitelli, G. Toniolo: Living with high public debt, Italy 1861-2018

Since 1861, Italy’s public debt has been both high and sustainable. The paper reviews the history of the Italian debt,...

June, 17 2019


This paper develops a basic framework characterized by a monetary union in which a shock to the policy interest rate, to...

June, 1 2019

R. Rinaldi: Cash

The world of retail payments is changing rapidly. We observe app-based mobile payments, contactless and proximity transa...

May, 24 2019

L. Codogno, P. van den Noord: The rationale for a safe asset and fiscal capacity for the Eurozone

The only way to share common liabilities in the Eurozone is to achieve full fiscal and political union, i.e. unity of li...

May, 10 2019

Five Bullets

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